Potential goldmine of resources for grad students

I’ll be digging through these resources in the future.  There’s substantial repetition but plenty of valuable information and advice. A few teasers after the jump…

  1. GradHacker: Like ProfHacker, but without funding. GradHacker’s original goal was to teach other grads about technology to ease their lives and help with networking. But it also covers other topics that expand the idea of ‘hacking’ to all aspects of grad life: discussions of professional tasks, reviews of software/hardware, pedagogical challenges and solutions, wellness related topics, family and personal issues, and productivity.

  2. The Thesis Whisperer: A newspaper style blog dedicated to helping research students on their way to the PhD (and beyond). Topics cover productivity, writing, presenting, career maintenance, creativity, and the relationship with your advisor.

  3. Edudemic: A blog that threads new technology with academic issues. It mainly focuses on the role of social media in improving education, but you can also find articles about other apps there.

Hat-Tip to user driftdrift @ /r/GradSchool for the find.

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A computational biologist whose passions lie at the nexus of evolutionary theory, epidemiology, and public outreach.
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