Follow-up on Marketing for Scientists

 Marketing for Scientists

Thanks to everyone for the great discussion at journal club today. If you’d like to learn more, Marc Kuchner has a website where he posts about science and marketing issues on a regular basis. I also mentioned that he had a number of references in his book, so here’s a quick list of some you might find interesting:

Although it wasn’t mentioned by Kutchner, Oglivy on Advertising has a lot of useful rules of thumb about visual presentation, text, etc. and is where the dark text/light background tip came from.

As an aside, Andrew Read did a lab blog post about how your paper titles can affect your citation rate, and the conclusions of the papers he cites dovetail nicely with what we talked about today. If your “customer” is someone who is looking for a paper to cite to demonstrate a talking point, wouldn’t a title that includes that talking point be, more often than not, what ends up being cited?

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