Favorite disease dynamics papers from 2013?

Hey CIDDers! I’m drafting a blogpost on must-read disease papers from 2013, and I want to hear your opinions. What do you think were the big findings/syntheses/discussions in disease ecology last year? What 2013 material should first-year CIDD grad students read next September to get up to speed?

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4 Responses to Favorite disease dynamics papers from 2013?

  1. keziamanlove says:

    I’ll kick things off by claiming some low-hanging fruit: the dilution effect discussion as a batch.
    Woods and Lafferty, TREE;
    Ostfeld and Keesing, TREE;
    Salkeld et al., Ecology Letters (this one is an excellent read on its own, in my opinion)

  2. keziamanlove says:

    I also really enjoyed Jamie Lloyd-Smith’s piece on vacated niches following eradication in Phil. Trans.

    • Nina Wale says:

      Agreed! Perhaps Pieter Johnson’s Nature paper (and his PNAS paper later, but I think more was made of the former) should go on the list?
      Johnson, P. T. J., Preston, D. L., Hoverman, J. T., and K. L. D. Richgels (2013). Biodiversity reduces disease through predictable changes in host community competence. Nature 494: 230-234

  3. ellscubed says:

    I’m laughably behind on my literature! I’ll see what I can dig up that’s related to my field though!

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