Premium, Baby!

CGSA board members have collectively decided to upgrade our blog to premium. This comes with a variety of benefits, but I’ll dig into the most pertinent ones after the jump…

  1. Domain is consistent
    1. Both & direct here. However, you should note that using no longer forwards directly to
    2. Annual cost of the domain is included in the Premium subscription (saving ~$15/yr to GoDaddy).
  2. Themes (if you’re into that kind of stuff…)
    1. We have access to over 2000 themes (excluding the extra-“premium” ones).
    2. If you see something you like, toss me an email.
  3. Plug-ins FTW!
    1. We have access to nearly 30k (free) plug-ins. For example, automatically tweet via @CIDDGrads upon posting a blog entry with WP to Twitter.
      1. Addendum: More popular and versatile tool that works with all flavors of social media.
    2. Jetpack is the most popular and has a features list as long as my arm.
    3. If you find one, feel free to take it for a test drive, no need to contact me beforehand.
  4. Miscellaneous
    1. The ads that have been occasionally showing up on blog posts are now gone.
    2. If we can’t figure something out, we’re eligible for (limited) WordPress support via email.
    3. 10gb of additional data storage (for anything you can imagine…and that is topical).
      1. Total Storage: 13gb (with 99.98% available, we’re data hogs)

In Conclusion (tl;dr)…

  • Loads of new ‘utilities’ (read: toys) for the blog.
  • All members have full admin privileges.
  • Don’t panic! All changes can be rolled back if you mess something up.
  • Let’s make this blog work for us!

About ellscubed

A computational biologist whose passions lie at the nexus of evolutionary theory, epidemiology, and public outreach.
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