Publicizing your blog articles

Many of you are interested in writing for a larger audience than the CGSA. A few of my posts [1, 2] have generated a few hundred visits from across the globe, so I’ve drawn up a summary of the strategies I’ve found successful.


Stay true to your interest. If you’re interested, then you probably know more than the average reader about that topic…so let ‘er rip!

Link generously. If there’s a URL that will help illustrate your point, there’s no harm in adding it. That being said, make sure its a hyperlink because reading (

People like pictures. ‘Nuf said.


Paragraphs. No one likes to read walls of text, so break it up!

Traffic via WordPress

Tag well. Tags generate WordPress visitors interested in your tags.

Interact. If someone takes the time to comment on your blog, reply.

Interact again. If they came from WordPress, they may blog too. So try and make a (constructive) comment on one their blog. (hint: this generate repeat visits).

Traffic via Twitter

Retweet. All posts are publicized to Twitter automatically, so make an account and be sure to retweet the autopost.

Interact. If someone happens to mention your blog, be sure and interact with them. If you’re not sure if someone has mentioned your post, Twitter’s search engine is great!

Traffic via Reddit (my fav)

Identify the best subreddit. For many of our posts, the best subreddit is /r/GradSchool but there are loads more. Maybe /r/Epidemiology or /r/PublicHealth. For the game I recently developed (Vax), /r/WebGames remains to be a traffic goldmine (even though my post is months old!).

Try not to cross-post often. It is likely that people subscribed to /r/Epidemiology are also subscribed to /r/PublicHealth. So posting on both may bring swift downvote retribution.

Interact a lot. If you submit a link, people are likely to respond. You’re likely to be praised, admonished, trolled, and digitally interrogated. Interact with your audience but please…

Some people are just angry, vicious people. You cannot let it get to you!

As always, I’d love to hear comments and feedback…and any other tricks I haven’t considered!

About ellscubed

A computational biologist whose passions lie at the nexus of evolutionary theory, epidemiology, and public outreach.
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