Lunch with Sarah Olson

Please join us for lunch with the CGSA-invited CIDD Seminar speaker, Dr. Sarah Olson. It will be a great opportunity to talk about her recent work with EBOLA! Please RSVP on the poll below by 5 PM on March 26th.

  • When: 12-1pm, Thursday, March 27th
  • Where: MSC W-203

For other opportunities to meet with Sarah during her visit, see this post.

About Sarah Olson:

Sarah Olson

Sarah is a wildlife epidemiologist researching the wildlife trade and emerging infectious diseases. Although based in Nanaimo, BC, she works closely with WCS veterinarians in the Republic of Congo as they design studies to understand the emergence of Ebola and it’s impact on western lowland gorilla populations. Sarah received a joint PhD in Population Health and Environment & Resources from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research interest focuses on the intersection of wildlife, human, and environmental health.
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