Call for officer nominations!

It’s that time again. Maybe you have some great ideas for seminars next year,  want to completely revamp journal club, or think that the snack cabinet would be sooo much better if it were filled entirely with purple jellybeans. Then again, maybe you’d just like to take a more active role in CIDD. Here’s your chance! We are now soliciting nominations for CGSA officers for 2014-2015. (Yes, you can also nominate yourself.) There are six positions available:

  • President: leads board, interfaces with faculty
  • Vice President: coordinates journal club and professional development activities
  • Secretary: coordinates speaker lunches and outreach events
  • Treasurer: manages the snack cabinet and interfaces with the University Park Allocation Committee
  • Synopsis coordinator: coordinates the writing of synopses on new CIDD research
  • Webmaster (may be held in conjunction with another position): manages the website

Please email any nominations to by Thursday, June 12.  If you’d like to know more about any of the positions, feel free to contact the current officers. Let’s make this the best year yet!

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