Intangibles of Teaching

Next Tuesday, August 19, CGSA is lunching with Wayne Geerling. He will be giving a short presentation on the Intangibles of Teaching followed by an open discussion on how graduate students (and all teachers) should approach teaching, how to make learning fun and interesting, and effective tools to add to our teaching toolboxes.

For those of us with long-term career plans that include teaching, or for those of us who expect TA-ing to be the most teaching we will ever do, the workshop and discussion should be valuable to learn about public speaking and science communication, integral to any career path, teaching aside.

We would like to open this up to all of CIDD so that we can hear current lecturers and senior faculty chime in with their perspectives on teaching, which would add to the conversation. Spread the word to friends in Ento or Eco grad programs as well. Should be a fun and interesting lunch.

Date: Tuesday, August 19

Time: 12 – 1 p.m.

Place: W-203 in MSC

About johannaohm

Johanna Ohm is a graduate student in Biology at Penn State University.
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