Our purpose and policies

All posts to this blog are a reflection of the views of that particular author, not the CIDD Graduate Student Association as a whole.  In order to keep discussion open but directed, any comments or opinions about a specific post should be directed to the author of that post, either publicly in a comment on that specific post or in private correspondence.

These policies are in place because this blog is meant to be a place for individual grad students to discuss and explore their own ideas, moderated by the CIDD Graduate Student Association as a whole, not solely a place for the CIDD GSA to collectively post about things already discussed by the group.  Directing responses to specific posts at other graduate students involved with this blog is likely to be fruitless as they may not be familiar with the subject at hand.

About amalienot

I'm a graduate student studying disease ecology and disease management at Pennsylvania State University. In my free time, I game, drink (beer and coffee), make bread, and get angry about things.
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