Big in Japan

CIDD faculty member Matt Ferrari recently traveled to Miyazaki, Japan for a research collaboration on foot and mouth disease. Below is a link to local news coverage along with a rough translation:

Following is very rough translation:

Foreign research teams working on FMD visited Miyazaki, and they exchanged the opinions with local government staffs who were in charge for FMD containment 5 years ago to learn what kind of control measure had been taken.

Those who visiting Miyazaki are the team of mathematicians from 4 countries including US and UK.

FMD occurred in UK 2001. which lead to slaughtering of more than 6 million livestock. It is also still spreading in Korea now; FMD posing significant international concerns.
With this background, this team is developing simulation models which can help predicting how the disease would spread if FMD would occur. On 27th, they exchanged their opinions with local government staffs. who were actually involved in the FMD containment 5 years ago.

(Miyazaki staff) Depending on the outbreak situation, we have to decide, say, whether using vaccine or not, or conducting preemptive culling or not. This requires vast financial support.
(Reporter) Here is FMD memorial centre in Takanabe-town. Researchers from abroad will visit here to learn about the FMD outbreak in Miyazaki from now.

Researchers looked into exhibitions very seriously.

And followed by Colleen’s interview…

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