Ask the faculty: how to be successful in academia?

Interested in an academic career path? We hear a lot about the widening gap in the number of PhDs awarded and the number of academic jobs available. How can we improve our prospects for landing one of those coveted tenure track faculty positions? The best people to ask are the people that have already landed one of these positions: our own CIDD faculty.

Next month CGSA will be hosting a panel discussion with young faculty members Margarita Lopez-Uribe, Nita Bharti and Moriah Szpara. The panel discussion will focus on how to prepare for the job interview process, negotiate offers, balance teaching with other professional expectations, and offer insight on what it’s like to start a new lab. We are looking for your questions to add to the list of questions we will be using when moderating the panel. What questions to you have about landing a job in academia?

Fill out the google form here with question ideas for the panel discussion. We will put questions together for the panelists to prepare before the discussion. After submitted questions are answered, we will have time for any other questions that come up during the discussion.

The panel discussion, “Climbing the Ivory Tower,” will take place Monday, March 13 at noon in W-201 MSC.

About johannaohm

Johanna Ohm is a graduate student in Biology at Penn State University.
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