Guide for CIDD students, Part II: ‘Life at CIDD’

Welcome to the new semester at CIDD!  CGSA President Jo Ohm released an excellent guide to CIDD for incoming and continuing students in her recent blog post here.

With contributions from other CGSA members, I have compiled a ‘Life at CIDD’ Google Spreadsheet.  This spreadsheet contains lists of interesting trainings CIDD students have applied to/attended, funding opportunities, seminars, listservs, centers/clubs of interest on campus, conferences and podcasts of interest, outreach opportunities, etc.

The purpose of this document is to be the document/guide I wish I had had when I started at CIDD to get me up and running and connected faster.  What sorts of things do you all wish you had known?  We WELCOME additions from the entire CIDD community to this document!  Please email me at with additions or suggestions you may have for any section of the document.

The spreadsheet can be viewed here.  It is also available to view on our CGSA website under the Resources tab, labeled Funding and Training Resources.

About catherineherzog

Epidemiologist. Disease ecologist. Ballroom dancer. World Traveler. Currently studying transmission dynamics of peste des petits ruminants (PPR), a morbillivirus, affecting sheep, goats, and cattle in Northern Tanzanian in collaboration with the Huck Institute of the Life Sciences and the Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology on a Bill and Melinda Gates funded project: "Program for Enhancing the Health and Productivity of Livestock."
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