2021-2022 CGSA Officers Elected

We’re excited to announce the new 2021/22 CIDD Grad Student Association officers. Congratulations to the incoming board, and a warm thank you to past officers. As always, if Faculty, Students and Post-docs would like to pass along useful information, organize a student focus group to tackle a CIDD issue or co-ordinate professional and technical workshops in the future, please reach out to the relevant officers below or to Dr. Ottar Bjornstad, the Faculty- Student liaison.

President: Fhallon Ware-Gilmore (McGraw lab)

Vice President: Ellie Mainou (Conway labs)

Secretary: Christina Ann Harden (Friant lab)

Synopsis co-ordinator: Hannah Greenberg Tiffin (Machtinger lab)

Treasurer: Chiara Vanalli (Cattadori lab)

Webmaster: Dominika Dec Peevey (Bjornstad/Ferrari lab)

Social chair: Renuka Elizabeth Joseph (Rasgon lab)

(Pictured in order)

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