About Us

What is the CGSA?

  • We are a social support and professional development group for graduate students in Penn State’s Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics (CIDD), a “virtual” center bringing together theoreticians and empirical scientists in a wide variety of disciplines to collaborate and innovate in the area of infectious disease research.
  • We invite speakers for the CIDD seminar series, organize technical and professional workshops, meet prospective students during grad school interviews in any of the 14 CIDD-affiliated departments to inform them of the resources we offer in addition to their home departments, participate in outreach events, and much more.
  • We serve as an administrative and bureaucratic voice at our university for members and non-members alike.
  • Want to stay up-do date with relevant seminars and workshops around Penn State Campus? Every Wednesday, our President compiles and sends out a CGSA weekly Digest listing a compilation of infectious disease relevant seminars and events, Penn State has so many departments, so it is handy to have all this information in one email. Subscribe to our mailing list by sending a blank e-mail to L-CIDD-GRADS-subscribe-request@lists.psu.edu
  • Subscribe to our calendar.
  • Looking for a fellowship or conference opportunity? Skim our student-compiled google spreadsheet. Be sure to scroll through the different tabs, there are quite a few!

How do I get involved?

  • Subscribe to our Twitter account (@CIDDGrads) to hear about professional development opportunities, workshops, seminars and social events.
  • If you’re “old school” subscribe to our mailing list by sending a blank e-mail to L-CIDD-GRADS-subscribe-request@lists.psu.edu.
  • Talk to one of our officers! We’re very approachable and can often be found at CIDD events or drawing disease networks on the whiteboards of MSC.
  • Join the weekly CIDD speaker and other grad students for lunch after seminar on Thursdays at noon.
  • Become an officer. Look out for the nomination email sent out in March via the listserv. Feel free to nominate yourself and friends. Officer positions can be found here. 
  • Co-sponsor or organize events with us. We have worked with several grad student organizations and CIDD alumni in academic and non-academic careers in the past. Email the Secretary if you would like to collaborate.
  • Support our professional and technical development activities by using our snack cabinet located on the 1st floor kitchenette of the Millennium Science Building. Snacks are marked lower than you typical vending machine! Lock password can be obtained by emailing our Treasurer.
  • Join our blog!

Questions or suggestions? Email us. 

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