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A computational biologist whose passions lie at the nexus of evolutionary theory, epidemiology, and public outreach.

Securing a foothold on the shoulders of giants

There are a multitude of ways to measure academic performance, but when it comes to peer-reviewed publications, there is one metric to rule them all: citations. Therefore, one of the most exciting things to find in my inbox is a Google Scholar … Continue reading

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Journal Club Teaser

Over the last year, I’ve had a successful streak of “second attempts” in all things academic. This Wednesday, we’ll be discussing personal anecdotes, tips & tricks for successfully appealing rejections, writing reviewer rebuttals, implementing revisions, resubmitting manuscripts, and re-apply for grants/scholarships/programs/etc. Here … Continue reading

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Why do academics blog? What about? and who listens…

I’ve mentioned The Thesis Whisperer as a goldmine of resources for academics on a few occasions. A recent post sent me spiraling down an academic blogging rabbit hole. Of particular note was a peer-reviewed study about who blogs, what about, and who is … Continue reading

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One research project, or twelve?

There have been a few occasions where I have made the mistake adopting more than one research project – that are in the same phase of production – simultaneously. Each time, I try a new approach to divide my attention…and … Continue reading

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Publicizing your blog articles

Many of you are interested in writing for a larger audience than the CGSA. A few of my posts [1, 2] have generated a few hundred visits from across the globe, so I’ve drawn up a summary of the strategies … Continue reading

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Posting Guidelines

Our blog now has a substantial number of members who are posting with some regularity on a variety of topics. To ensure that this content is easily accessible (both to us and external readers) I’ve drawn up a few posting … Continue reading

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Publicize to Twitter

New posts to the blog are now pushed to Twitter automatically. More on how to customize these features after the jump…

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Premium, Baby!

CGSA board members have collectively decided to upgrade our blog to premium. This comes with a variety of benefits, but I’ll dig into the most pertinent ones after the jump…

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TED Talks with novel ways of thinking about epidemics

Originally posted on TED Blog:
Gary Slutkin speaks at TEDMED about his unusual approach to the epidemic of violence. As a physician and epidemiologist, Gary Slutkin didn’t think he had much to contribute to the conversation about gun violence in…

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CIDD’er on BBC Radio

Nina Wale was interviewed by BBC Cornwall radio show this morning. It will only be available on the web for a few more days, but have a listen here. If you want to skip ahead, move to about the 155min mark.

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