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Jo Ohm is a trail runner and scientist based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Words of Wisdom from @vectorgen

For the CIDD grads of twitter, Jason Rasgon (@vectorgen) should be in your news feed. Jason tweets about making it in academia, the life scientific, and his general research updates. In one of my favorite recent threads, Jason lists rules … Continue reading

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Welcome new officers!

CGSA elections took place earlier this month and we are excited to announce that the 2018-2019 CGSA board will be: President: Catherine Herzog (Bjornstad lab) Vice President: Molly Rathbun (Szpara lab) Secretary: Natalie Imirzian (Hughes lab) Treasurer: Cory Henderson (Rasgon … Continue reading

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New semester at CIDD: a guide for incoming students

This week marks the start of a new semester for graduate students at the CIDD. For new students: welcome! CIDD and the broader Penn State community have a lot of ongoing events, activities and available resources that CGSA wants to … Continue reading

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Communicating Science: Examples to follow from ComSciCon

The annual Communicating Science workshop for graduate students, ComSciCon, gathered students and science journalists from all over the country to meet for a three day workshop in Cambridge, Mass. last week. The conference included workshops on developing K-12 curriculum, using … Continue reading

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“Climbing the Ivory Tower” panel discussion gave tips for success

If your dream job is in academia, Monday’s (3/13) panel discussion on “Climbing the Ivory Tower: transitioning from PhD to post-doc and beyond” was a lively discussion filled with useful advice for how to stick the academic career track. We … Continue reading

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Ask the faculty: how to be successful in academia?

Interested in an academic career path? We hear a lot about the widening gap in the number of PhDs awarded and the number of academic jobs available. How can we improve our prospects for landing one of those coveted tenure … Continue reading

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Andrew Read’s talk about talking

Giving talks can be hard. Giving talks about giving talks might be even harder. Andrew Read pulled it off this morning when he spoke at this month’s CGSA workshop on “How to give a great talk.” 

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Why go to journal club?

Journal club at the CIDD has had a sporadic history. In theory, we like the idea. In practice, we disagree on which papers to read, we sometimes don’t read the papers and we struggle with numbers. This year we’ve decided … Continue reading

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Creepy, crawly, crunchy: Can insects feed the future?

As CIDD graduate students, we think about insects as vectors of disease, but we don’t always consider other important attributes of insects: like how tasty they might be. Many insects are edible and considering their use as a novel livestock … Continue reading

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Opportunity to meet with Florence Dunkel, April 20 @ 11:00 a.m.

All graduate students (CIDD, biology, entomology, INTAD) are welcome to meet with Florence Dunkel on Monday, April 20 at 11:00 a.m. Location TBA. Please RSVP to Jo at if you would like to attend.  

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