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Multi-scale models in infectious disease epidemiology

This post may be subject to revision, contingent upon on-going discussion. The current date of last modification is March 24, 2016. Models that link within- and between-host processes are potentially important tools in disease ecology, but the disease research community … Continue reading

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Ten cross-scale disease questions I wish I could answer

CIDD has the personnel to do some amazing work on cross-scale disease dynamics, but it’s not always clear how to relate within- and between-host processes. People researching within-host processes may not understand the sorts of questions that researchers working between … Continue reading

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A quick overview of GIS with R

Spatial data are pervasive in ecology, especially for wild systems. In the past, ecological analyses that hinged on space were usually performed in ArcGIS. A LOT of species distribution modeling and habitat modeling utilized Arc functionality, thanks in great part … Continue reading

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Why aren’t there more women in ecological computing?

In case you somehow missed this, we’re living in an information era. For most scientists, this means that an ever-growing component of our jobs is to access and synthesize information. The old naturalist skills that drove ecology in the past … Continue reading

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A few steps toward cleaner, better-organized code

This post follows from a discussion with my Bozeman lab on code management (see my very ugly slides with more details, especially on using git and github through Rstudio, here). Developing good coding habits takes a little time and thought, … Continue reading

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Favorite disease dynamics papers from 2013?

Hey CIDDers! I’m drafting a blogpost on must-read disease papers from 2013, and I want to hear your opinions. What do you think were the big findings/syntheses/discussions in disease ecology last year? What 2013 material should first-year CIDD grad students … Continue reading

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