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Friday Links (2/3/2017)

Happy Friday! This week’s theme: vintage posters of infectious diseases. A bit short for this Friday (I procrastinated), but hopefully you’ll find something interesting.

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CIDD Graduate Lunch- Barbara Han

Barbara Han will be coming tomorrow to give her talk and meet with grad student after! This is a great opportunity to meet with her in a group setting. Please RSVP for the lunch right after the seminar. Lunch is … Continue reading

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Friday Links (1/27/2017)

  This Friday, it’s mainly book suggestions. It’s like Oprah’s Book Club- except I’m running it. It’s Treat Yo Self 2017 and you deserve some great science books.   Disease related news Macroecology, the study of statistical relationships explaining species, abundance, … Continue reading

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Interesting upcoming disease networks talk Feb 2 at 3:30 PM

Petter Holme from Sungkyunkwan University is giving a networks talk at 3:30 PM in 339 Davey Laboratory.  The title of his talk is “Temporal networks: A physics perspective“, and the description is: Networks are all around us—from power-grids to the nervous … Continue reading

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CIDD Graduate Students: What do we do?

Many of us including graduate students, post docs, and faculty, gathered together on Monday to discuss who we are as CIDD, what we expect of ourselves, and what the faculty expect of us. Additionally, we discussed and proposed multiple venues … Continue reading

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Cost of Plant Disease Prediction

Next week’s PPEM 2014 Nelson Memorial Seminar looks promising. Details: Lawrence Madden: The Cost of Plant Disease Prediction (PPEM seminar series) Friday, April 4, 12:15-1:10 pm 112 Buckhout Lab

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Embracing the blogosphere

Grad school has very few rules and very little structure –two of the reasons I welcomed the decision to become a Ph.D. candidate. In a program without course requirements and very flexible assistant teaching stipulations, the one hard rule I … Continue reading

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Intestinal microbiome lecture

Those of you who do microbiome work might enjoy next week’s Bortree Lecture. Details: Environmental signals that regulate intestinal immunity Dr. Lara Hooper, University of Texas Wednesday, March 19, 12:20-1:10 pm 101 ASI

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Plant disease management and careers in industry

Next week, Jim Spadafora from FMC will be presenting a disease seminar that might be of interest if you (a) are interested in an industry perspective on plant disease management and/or (b) are looking at options outside academia. Details: The … Continue reading

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Why do academics blog? What about? and who listens…

I’ve mentioned The Thesis Whisperer as a goldmine of resources for academics on a few occasions. A recent post sent me spiraling down an academic blogging rabbit hole. Of particular note was a peer-reviewed study about who blogs, what about, and who is … Continue reading

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