Job opportunities

For CIDD graduate students looking for jobs after graduation, the following resources may provide useful listings in the realm of infectious disease biology:

Penn State CIDD listserv: in addition to listing weekly CIDD events, the CIDD listserv often emails out job and post-doc opportunities of interest to the CIDD community. Make sure to subscribe here.

ECOLOG listserv and archives: lists job opportunities and ecology-related discussion threads for people with interests in ecology, hosted by the University of Maryland.

Naturejobs: Job board hosted by the journal Nature.

Research Gate jobs: Job board hosted by the research social networking website, Research Gate.

Science careers: Job board hosted by the journal Science.

*If you are an employer interested in hiring from our community, please email job ads to the CGSA president and we will circulate job opportunities on the CIDD grads listserv.