Workplace Climate

From the graduate student resource guide:

“Graduate students occasionally have difficulties with their advisors, their programs or an academic matter associated with their programs. The first step in problem resolution is always to talk with your advisor and then with the program chair or department head and then the associate dean of your college. If satisfactory resolution remains elusive, the associate dean of the Graduate School is available to provide guidance and maintain neutrality. Issues discussed during meetings with the associate dean will remain confidential if requested by the student. Appointments may be made by calling 865-2516.”

Climate & Diversity Omsbuds-men and -women

Most departments have designated omsbudpeople to go to for issues related to climate and diversity. In biology, for example the omsbud-faculty are listed here. There is also an anonymous comment form on the bottom of the page to submit written concerns electronically. In the CIDD, Matt Ferrari and David Kennedy are both trained in climate and diversity issues and should be available to any CIDD graduate students in need of help and advice regarding issues that arise in the workplace. Please reach out.

Department heads/program chairs:

Biology: Tracy Langkilde

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Scott Selleck

Ecology: David Eissenstat

Entomology: Gary Felton

Immunology and Infectious Diseases: Margherita Cantorna

Molecular Toxicology: Curt Omiecinsky

Neuroscience (Hershey): Patricia Grigson

Neuroscience (University Park): Ping Li

Plant Biology: Teh-hui Kao

Associate deans:

College of Agricultural Sciences: Gary A. Thompson

Eberly College of Science: Andrew Stephenson

Assistant Dean:

Graduate School: Suzanne C. Adair

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